The Demon's Rook

The Demon's Rook

A boy named Roscoe is visited by a strange creature known as Dimwos. By day, Roscoe plays with his best friend Eva. By night, he obsessively draws pictures of his mysterious visitor. All is well, until the night a ghostly light shines through Roscoe's window, luring him into the woods, and ultimately into a portal to another dimension where Dimwos resides.

In an underworld of foggy caverns and endless darkness, Dimwos, the reclusive wizard monk from an ancient race of demons, adopts Roscoe as a pupil and raises him into manhood, revealing to him many secrets. Though, there is one dark secret that Dimwos keeps from his bearded apprentice. Roscoe eventually discovers what his master kept from him. Enraged, he unwittingly unleashes three malevolent demons from their ancient prison.

Roscoe is forced to escape the demons' wrath by way of the portal leading back to our world, inadvertently leading the demons to discover the portal for themselves. They pass through and devastate the rural community within hours. An honest man is transformed into a ghastly abomination. Possessed youths carve their friends into ribbons and crush the skulls of their sweethearts. Fresh corpses dot the horizon and old corpses rise from the grave to dismember the innocent.

As the nightmare unfolds, Roscoe encounters the only human he remembers, his childhood friend Eva. The two of them team up and battle the demons and their minions, who are bent on a course of destruction that can only conclude in catastrophe.

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