Life’s an Itch

Life’s an Itch

Roger, a thirty-something father of two, has reached the point in his life where he starts to question everything: his creativity, career and even love. This 7th year of his marriage Roger's wife, Jen, his two children and mother-in-law take off to Hawaii on vacation. He would have to fend for himself and finish his "big break" movie score due to the studio by the end of the week. 

On Day One, Roger is rudely awakened by his anxious kids, Alex, 7 and Sedona, 5. He greets his Hawaii bound wife while he preps for the impromptu birthday cake for his son, Alex. After a quick song, face plant and photo of the birthday moment,

Roger was far from pleased to hear that now his wife had arranged to have her old Yoga teacher stay in the guest cottage effective today. 

The old yoga teacher doesn't quite make it to meet and greet when the wife’s yoga teacher shows up to stay in the guesthouse for a week. Roger finds himself face to face with the enchanting and open-minded Gillian. She is so stunning and so unaware of how she affects red-blooded men. Roger can barely concentrate when she is in the back yard doing her yoga work. Add to this the guru nature of the naïve instructor with the body from heaven and you have one troubled husband of 7 years.

The movie takes place over 7 days, each day spreading more and more tension as the trust and common experience grows between these two misplaced characters, Roger and Gillian. The circumstances that our hero finds himself in would challenge even the most devoted husband, let alone Roger. And though the movie is absolutely a comedy, Gillian's chakra tutorial will go down as one of the most sensuous scenes ever sucked up through a lens, full of cinematic and spiritual innuendo. 

Also with each day Roger's life seems to fall apart at the seams then just rip wide open. By the 7th day, he questions his life, his love and his will to go on. By the very last night before his family returns Roger finds himself vulnerable in every way and Gillian find's Roger in such a fragile state that she decides this is a man that must be healed right away. Wait till you see what happens the morning after when the entire family arrives 12 hours earlier than expected and Roger is still resting his head in the lap of the little guru, Gillian.

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